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    • Global Mercury Modelling: Update of Modelling Results in the Global Mercury Assessment 2013. 

      AMAP/UNEP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, Oslo, Norway/UNEP Chemicals Branch, Geneva, Switzerland., 2013-06-05)
      "The Global Mercury Assessment 2013 (GMA 2013) (AMAP/UNEP, 2013) was prepared in accordance with the request of the UNEP’s Governing Council (Decision 25/5 III, paragraph 36) to support negotiations on the development of ...
    • Technical Background Report for the Global Mercury Assessment 2013. 

      AMAP/UNEP (Arctic Monitoringand Assessment Programme, Oslo, Norway/UNEP ChemicalsBranch, Geneva, Switzerland., 2013-06-05)
      This report details the technical background to the Global Mercury Assessment 2013 – Sources, Emissions, Releases and Environmental Transport (summary for policy-makers) that has been developed in response to Decision 25/5 ...