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    • Bering Sea Sub-Network: Project Summary Report 2015 (Aleut International Association). 

      Alessa, Lilian; Beaujean, Grace; Bower, Leah; Campbell, Iver; Cherneko, Olga; Cochran, Patricia; Coopchiak, Margie; Fidel, Maryann; Fleener, Uliana; Gamble, Jim; Gundersen, Arlene; Immingan, Verna; Jackson, Lisa; Kalmakoff, Alice; Kliskey, Andrew; Merculief, Sharon; Pungowiyi, Delbert; Sutton, Olga (Olia); Ungott, Eddie; Ungott, Joni; Veldstra, Jessica (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2015)
      The BSSN II project provided a means for remote indigenous villages around the Bering Sea to communicate their observations about the environment and subsistence harvest. BSSN II brought together researchers and local ...