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    • Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI): Project Plan 

      Palmér, Owe; Skedsmo, Martin; Guðmundsson, Magnus; Finnbogadóttir, Eyðís; Barry, Tom; Ursin, Heli; Thaulow, Inge; Obinyakov, Vladimir; Nebert, Douglas; O'Brien, Douglas; Weiss Hartmann, Jens Petter (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2011-05)
      A project plan that outlines the vision, background, purpose and framework for an internationally agreed upon Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) that will provide for access to spatially related reliable information ...
    • Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure: Concept paper. 

      Skedsmo, Martin; Palmér, Owe; Sørensen, Eskild L.; Ursinn, Heli (CAFF International Secretariat, 2011-01)
      As a result many of the existing datasets are distributed throughout many organisations. They are often not integrated or coordinated and it is difficult to find an environment in which these diverse datasets can be combined ...
    • Letter from the Nordic Directors of National Land Survey Institutions to SAO Chair, Ambassador Karsten Klepsvik 

      Ratia, Jarmo; Jarmbæk, Jesper; Hansen, Klaus Georg; Guðmundsson, Magnús; Frøstrup, Anne Catherine; Jönsson, Stig (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2008-11)
      Letter from the Nordic Directors of National Land Survey Institutions, proposing a project to create an Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI)