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    • Climate Change and POPs: Predicting the Impacts. Report of the UNEP/AMAP Expert Group. 

      UNEP/AMAP (Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention, Geneva., 2011-05-10)
      "The report highlights key findings related to the complex relationship between climate change and abatement of POPs. It provides an overall view of POPs releases into the environment, long-range transport and environmental ...
    • Gap Analysis in Support of CPAN: The Russian Arctic 

      Lysenko, Igor; Henry, David (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2000)
      The present Gap Analysis for the Russian Arctic was undertaken in response to the CPAN Strategy and Action Plan requirement for countries to identify gaps in protected area coverage of ecosystems and species and to select ...
    • Global Mercury Modelling: Update of Modelling Results in the Global Mercury Assessment 2013. 

      AMAP/UNEP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, Oslo, Norway/UNEP Chemicals Branch, Geneva, Switzerland., 2013-06-05)
      "The Global Mercury Assessment 2013 (GMA 2013) (AMAP/UNEP, 2013) was prepared in accordance with the request of the UNEP’s Governing Council (Decision 25/5 III, paragraph 36) to support negotiations on the development of ...
    • Global Outlook for Ice and Snow 

      United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2007-04)
      Presentation of the assessment report: the Global Outlook for Ice and Snow, The project is a part of UNEP's efforts to raise awareness of the effects of climate change.
    • Technical Background Report for the Global Mercury Assessment 2013. 

      AMAP/UNEP (Arctic Monitoringand Assessment Programme, Oslo, Norway/UNEP ChemicalsBranch, Geneva, Switzerland., 2013-06-05)
      This report details the technical background to the Global Mercury Assessment 2013 – Sources, Emissions, Releases and Environmental Transport (summary for policy-makers) that has been developed in response to Decision 25/5 ...
    • United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) 2016 Observer Review report 

      Steiner, Achim (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016-05-19)
      UNEP's 2016 Review report to the Arctic Council, on participation in Arctic cooperation and AC work.