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    • Arctic Council Communications and Outreach Guidelines 

      U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016)
      "These Guidelines address the roles of the Arctic Council Chairmanship, Member States, Permanent Participants, Subsidiary Bodies and the Arctic Council Secretariat when communicating on the Arctic Council."
    • Arctic Offshore Regulators Forum (AORF) Terms of Reference 

      Arctic Offshore Regulators Forum (AORF) (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016)
      "The AORF is an Arctic forum of technical and operational offshore petroleum safety regulators whose members are dedicated to the common cause of continually improving offshore safety outcomes. The primary scope will be ...
    • CAFF Progress Report to SAO meeting Fairbanks, March 2016. 

      Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2016)
      Arctic Council working group Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)'s progress report submitted to the Arctic Council's Senior Arctic Officials meeting in Fairbanks, USA, March 2016.
    • Discussion paper on Climate Change Activity in the Arctic Council 

      United States of America (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016-02)
      Climate change has been part of the Arctic Council’s program of work for many years. In keeping with the overall aim of the Council, we have aimed to complement other efforts as well as focus on climate issues not addressed ...
    • EPPR Strategic Plan 

      Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (EPPR) (Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR), 2016)
      "Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (EPPR) Working Group, one of the six standing working groups, is mandated to contribute to the prevention, preparedness and response to environmental and other emergencies, ...
    • Report from the Meeting of the Four Regional Councils of the North 

      Arcttic Council Secretariat (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016)
      "The meeting of the Four Regional Councils of the North took place in Reykjavik, Iceland on November 11, 2015. All four councils were represented. The Arctic Council Secretariat hosted the meeting. Magnús Jóhannesson, ...
    • Sustainable Development Framework Document 

      Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2000-10-13)
      "The Ottawa Declaration established the Arctic Council and expanded the scope of cooperation begun under the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy to include a broader sustainable development policy framework. At ...