12. Ministerial meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, May 20, 2021


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    Status Report on The Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (Arctic SDI) 2021
    (2021) CAFF
    The Arctic SDI is the collaborative initiative of the National Mapping Agencies of the eight Arctic nations (Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the USA) with a goal to promote partner-based development of an Arctic spatial data infrastructure. The Arctic SDI has been endorsed by the Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials since November 2009 and is part of the general scientific and technical collaboration among the Arctic nations.
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    Reykjavik declaration (2021)
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05-20T14:52:11Z) Arctic Council; Arctic Council Secretariat
    Declaration of the Foreign Ministers of the Arctic States at the 12th Ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council, held in Reykjavik, Iceland, 20 May, 2021.
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    SAO Report to Ministers (Reykjavik, 2021)
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05-20) Arctic Council; Arctic Council Secretariat
    The SAO Report to Ministers is an important coordination and management tool that summarizes the overall work of the Arctic Council undertaken during the Icelandic Chairmanship and the programs and projects to be conducted during the upcoming Russian Chairmanship. The Report was adopted by the Ministers at the Reykjavik Ministerial meeting on 20 May 2021. It includes the achievements of the Working Groups and Expert Group for 2019-2020, and lists their projects and activities for 2021-2023. The SAO Report to Ministers also includes the budgets and work plans of the Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS), and the Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat (IPS).
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    Arctic Council Strategic Plan
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05-20) Arctic Council; Arctic Council Secretariat
    Arctic Council Strategic plan as presented at the Reykjavik Ministerial in 2021
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    Ministers statement - by Sergey Lavrov of Russia
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05-20)
    Outlines of the Statement by Sergey Lavrov at the 12th Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council (Reykjavik, 20 May 2021)