Arctic Socio-Economic Issues

To advance on a better understanding of the human influences on the Arctic environment and the socio-economic conditions of Indigenous Peoples and Arctic Communities.


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    Gender Equality in the Arctic IV Project Proposal
    (SDWG, 2022-02-08) SDWG; SDWG
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    Blue Bioeconomy in the Arctic
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05) SDWG
    The blue bioeconomy is important to many Arctic communities, providing food and other valuable bioresources, generating value and employment, and supporting rural regions. This report looks at the Arctic blue bioeconomy by analyzing regional challenges, opportunities, best practices and success stories from Iceland, Norway and Northern Canada. In addition, information on the status of the blue bioeconomy in Alaska, USA, the perspective of Inuit people on the blue bioeconomy and markets for marine ingredients are described. This work was endorsed by the Arctic Council´s Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG).
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    Gender Equality in the Arctic, Phase 3
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05) SDWG; Icelandic Chairmanship
    Gender equality in the Arctic is highly relevant to the agenda and role of the Arctic Council (the Council) and its Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), which have emphasised gender equality in previous projects and initiatives. The importance of issues of gender and diversity has become increasingly evident, the latest example being Iceland's emphasis on gender issues during its Council Chairmanship. GEA highlights the importance of recognising and appreciating diversity in terms of discourses, gender, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, governance, education, economies, social realities, sustainability, and balanced participation in leadership and decision making, in both the public and private sectors.
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    The Economy of the North – ECONOR 2020
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05) SDWG
    The Economy of the North – ECONOR 2020 report finalizes the ECONOR IV project.