Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN)

The Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN) was operational from 1996-2010 and was designed to oversee and advance the CPAN program and provide the CAFF Board with advice on needed actions. It aimed to ensure sufficient protection of all habitat types in the Arctic. CAFF's protected areas work has since been picked up in other projects and programs including the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program and the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment. CPAN is now dormant.


Recent Submissions

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    CPAN Progress Report 1997
    (1997) CAFF
    The first progress report from the Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN).
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    The State of Protected Areas in the Circumpolar Arctic 1994
    (1994) CAFF
    This report is divided into three main parts. Part one provides information on the various types of habitat classification in the Arctic countries and an overview of the Protected Areas System in each of the countries. Included are descriptions of the methods used for site designation and the legal and administrative instruments in place. Facilities and the types of activity within the protected areas of each country are also described, Several countries have identified gaps in their protected area system and these have been reported on. As well, part one introduces topics of threats, both actual and potential, to Arctic habitats and habitat conservation outside protected areas. Part two of the report consists of a directory of protected areas of the Arctic, on a country by country basis. Part three of the report consists of literature, references and appendices, and also includes a submission by the non-governmental organisation community on its recommendations for habitat protection in the Arctic.
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    CPAN Country Updates Report 2004
    (2004) CAFF
    An update report describing actions taken by the CAFF countries to establish new protected areas since the publication of the 1997 CPAN Progress Report.
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    CPAN Principles and Guidelines
    (1996) CAFF
    Principles and guidelines to facilitate a common regional approach to area protection among the eight Arctic countries and to selecting and designing important sites within the Arctic.
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    CAFF Expert Group Charters (CFG, CPAN and CBird)
    (1992) CAFF
    Outlines the goals, objectives, and descriptions of the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Expert Working Groups: CAFF's Flora Group (CFG), the Circumpolar Seabird Working Group (CBird), the Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN).