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    Arctic Sea ice Ecosystem: A Summary of Species that Depend on and Associate with Sea ice and Projected Impacts from Sea Ice Changes
    (2010) Marz, Stacey; CAFF
    This paper describes several species which depend on sea ice for essential life functions including foraging, reproduction, protection from predators and cold water immersion, a platform for traveling, resting, and nursing, as well as some species that associate with sea ice for parts of the year. This paper specifically discusses ice algae and protists, Arctic cod, ivory gulls, thick-billed murres, spectacled and king eiders, polar bears, ringed seals, bearded seals, walruses, narwhals, beluga whales and bowhead whales. It identifies the different species‘ relationship with sea ice and the known and projected effects of a changing climate on them and their trophic relationships.
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    Life Linked to Ice. A guide to sea-ice-associated biodiversity in this time of rapid change.
    (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2013-10) Eamer, J.; Donaldson, G.M.; Gaston, A.J.; Kosobokova, K.N.; Lárusson, K.F.; Melnikov, I.A.; Reist, J.D.; Richardson, E.; Staples, L.; von Quillfeldt, C.H.
    Life Linked to Ice examines the consequences for biodiversity of the dramatic changes occurring to sea ice. It was prepared by the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna working group (CAFF), and both draws from and builds on Arctic Council assessments in order to present an overview of the state of knowledge about sea-ice-associated biodiversity. The report is intended as a briefing and reference document for policy makers.
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    Experts Workshop on Sea Ice Associated Biodiversity: Vancouver, Canada: March 22-24, 2011
    (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2011-03) Gardner, Julie
    Workshop goals were to: outline past trends and the current situation for sea ice-associated biodiversity and project what might happen in the future; consider issues facing sea ice-associated biodiversity and what actions might be required to adapt to or mitigate the effects of reduced availability of Arctic sea ice; outline a technical report on the effects of sea ice loss on ice-associated biodiversity and determine next steps.
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    Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010: Selected Indicators of Change
    (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2010) CAFF; Barry, Tom; Kurvits, Tiina; Alfthan, Björn; Mork, Elisabeth
    For this report, twenty-two indicators were selected to provide a snapshot of the trends being observed in Arctic biodiversity today. The indicators were selected to cover major species groups with wide distributions across Arctic ecosystems. Special consideration was given to indicators closely associated with biodiversity use by indigenous and local communities, as well as those with relevance to decision-makers. Indicators were also selected on the basis of what was achievable in terms of existing data and in the timeframe available. Each indicator chapter provides an overview of the status and trends of a given indicator, information on stressors, and concerns for the future.