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Arctic ecosystems are dramatically altered through changes to the vegetation, destruction of wetlands, and thawing of ice-rich permafrost. Plant species composition, and changes to vegetation composition has cascading effects through the ecosystem, as well as into global hydrologic and atmospheric systems. To preserve plant diversity, conservation programs must be guided by the biological requirements of species and ecosystem components. Circumpolar cooperation of Arctic botanists is essential to achieve a unified approach to conservation, protection and sustainable use of Arctic ecosystems and resources


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    The Alaska-Yukon Region of the Circumboreal Vegetation Map (CBVM)
    (CAFF, 2015-09) Jorgensen, T; Meidinger, D
    The Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping (CBVM) project is an international collaboration among vegetation scientists to create a new vegetation map of the boreal region at a 1:7.5 million scale with a common legend and mapping protocol. This report and map contributes to the CBVM effort by developing maps of bioclimatic zones, geographic sectors with similar floristic variability, and vegetation in boreal Alaska, Yukon, northwestern British Columbia, and a mountainous portion of southwest Northwest Territories termed the Alaska-Yukon region. It further develops the mapping from the initial classification and proto-type mapping efforts for southwestern Alaska and western Canada to this broader area.
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    Arctic Vegetation Archive and Arctic Vegetation Classification: Proceedings and abstracts from two workshops 2017 and 2019
    (2019) CAFF
    An Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA) and an Arctic Vegetation Classification (AVC) are needed to support several of the biodiversity activities of the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) and circumpolar activities of the International Arctic Science Committee s Terrestrial Working Group (IASC TWG). Activities include recording and monitoring arctic plant-community diversity and distributions, wildlife habitat studies, and modelling the changes in the structure and function of the vegetation as the arctic climate changes.
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    CFG First International Workshop: Uppsala, Sweden: March 27-29, 2001
    (2001) CAFF
    A compilation of abstracts, charter and recommendations presented at the CFG First International Workshop: Uppsala, Sweden: March 27-29, 2001.
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    CFG Fourth International Workshop: Tórhsavn, Faroe Islands: May 15-18, 2007
    (2007) CAFF
    In order to integrate Arctic interests into global conservation efforts, cooperation and a shared knowledge base is necessary among the countries with arctic lands. Toward this end, arctic botanists from eight Arctic States—Canada, Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden, and the United States—convened at the Fourth International Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Flora Group Workshop held from May 15-18, 2007 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.
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    CFG Second International Workshop on Circumpolar Vegetation Classification and Mapping
    (2004) CAFF
    A list of abstracts and discussion from presentations during the Second International Workshop on Circumpolar Vegetation Classification and Mapping workshop.