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    Arctic Biodiversity Dashboard: User Requirements Guide
    (2021) CAFF
    This User Requirements Guide summarizes the key recommendations from the User Panel and CAFF Board and Secretariat and, in many cases, proposed solutions to these recommendations. This will guide further sequenced development of the Arctic Biodiversity Dashboard over the next two years.
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    Arctic Wildland Fire Ecology Mapping and Monitoring Project (Arctic FIRE)
    (2019) CAFF; Gwich'in Council International
    Arctic FIRE led by the Gwich'in Council International aims to improve the understanding of fire ecology, the impacts in Arctic States and to communities represented by the Permanent Participants, and to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildland fire. The project seeks to promote the conservation and sustainable use of Arctic flora and fauna by mapping annual acreage burned, and developing an annual digital Arctic Fire Monitoring Journal that includes relevant Arctic fire ecology and fire-related Indigenous Knowledge research, and to evaluate the impacts of wildland fires on Arctic ecosystems, air quality, and climate change.
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    Arctic Invasive Alien Species Project Plan
    (2015) CAFF
    This project plan outlines the goals and actions to be undertaken in an Arctic Invasive Alien Species project.
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    Joint AMAP CAFF Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden (August 2001)
    (2001) AMAP; CAFF
    A document that discusses cooperation and collaboration between AMAP and CAFF on various activities including monitoring and the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment.
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    Arctic Migratory Bird Initiative (AMBI): Mid-term Evaluation 2017 and 2021
    (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-05) CAFF