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dc.description.abstractEPPR has been working to improve preparedness and response capabilities to nuclear and radiological emergencies since its inception in 1991 and conducted its first emergency exercises focusing on response to radiological accident in 1994. The “Arctic 2010” exercise, hosted by the Russian Federation at the Nerpa Shipyard facility in Snezhnogorsk, Russia was a realistic simulation of a potential facility/site emergency. This exercise tested facility responders and gave EPPR observers the valuable opportunity to witness an effective program response. In addition, EPPR countries exercised communication channels that would be used in case of a real and more severe accident.en_US
dc.publisherEmergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group (EPPR)en_US
dc.subjectNuclear safety
dc.subjectRussian Federation
dc.subjectEmergency excercise
dc.titleFinal Report. Exercise "Arctic-2010". Snezhhnogorsk, July 28-29, 2010en_US
dc.typeSummary Reporten_US

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