Arctic Maritime and Aviation Transportation Infrastructure Initiative. Providing a Comparative Analysis of Port and Airport Infrastructure in Arctic Nations. Proposal Developed by the Institute of the North Anchorage, Alaska, United States. June 2011.

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Institute of the North
"The Arctic Maritime and Aviation Transportation Infrastructure Initiative (Initiative) is a result of the work of the Arctic Council‟s Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA) and the on- going work of a multi-agency (including DOT, FAA and Transport Canada) effort that sponsors the Arctic Aviation Initiative (AAI). It builds on and responds to past efforts and projects of two working groups within the Arctic Council – PAME‟s AMSA (2009) and the SDWG‟s Circumpolar Infrastructure Task Force (CITF), which acted as a platform for the Arctic Aviation Experts Workshop in 2005 and 2006. More directly, it follows on the strategic plan set forth at the 2010 Arctic Aviation Experts Conference (AAEC)." /.../