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    • Arctic Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring Plan: Annual Report 2017 and Work Plan 2018. CAFF Monitoring Report No. 26 

      Lento, J.; Culp, J.; Goedkoop, W.; Christoffersen, K.; Guðbergsson, G.; Liljaniemi, P.; Sandøy, S.; Whitman, M.; Zimmerman, C. (CAFF, 2018)
      The CBMP-Freshwater Plan, developed by the Freshwater Expert Monitoring Group (FEMG) of the CBMP, is the result of work undertaken during workshops held in Uppsala, Sweden (2010) and Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada ...
    • Arctic Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring Plan: Framework Document 

      Culp, J.; Gantner, N.; Gill, M.; Reist, J.; Sweetman, J.; Wrona, F. (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2011-03)
      This document provides an overview on the development of a Freshwater Expert Monitoring Group (FEMG) for the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) along with timelines for development of the FEMG. Considerations ...