The Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN) was operational from 1996-2010 and was designed to oversee and advance the CPAN program and provide the CAFF Board with advice on needed actions. It aimed to ensure sufficient protection of all habitat types in the Arctic. CAFF's protected areas work has since been picked up in other projects and programs including the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program and the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment. CPAN is now dormant.

Recent Submissions

  • Values of Arctic Protected Areas: A Summary 

    Pagnan, Jeanne; Legare, Gregg (Published by Parks Canada on behalf of the Conservation of Flora and Fauna Program of the Arctic Council. This publication was made possible by funding assistance from Environment Canada., 2002)
    Descriptions of the natural physical, natural ecological, economic, cultural, subsistence use, educations, landscape, societal, scientific and recreational values of Arctic protected areas.
  • Protected Areas of the Arctic: Conserving a Full Range of Values 

    Pagnan, Jeanne (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2002)
    A report discussing the multitude of values found in Arctic protected areas. It presents case studies that demonstrate how protected areas conserve such values. The case studies also show that protected areas in the Arctic ...
  • Proposed Protected Areas in the Circumpolar Arctic 

    Huberth Hansen, Jan P.; Finn, Katerås; Pisheliev, Vladimir; Lysenko, Igor; Abrahamsen, Frode; Kullerud, Lars; Norris, Stefan (Directorate for Nature Management, N-7005 Trondheim, Norway, 1996)
    This report provides an overview of proposals made by CAFF countries for new and/or enlarged protected areas in the Arctic. Some proposals from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are also mentioned. The report also ...
  • Gaps in Habitat Protected in the Circumpolar Arctic: A Preliminary Analysis 

    Lysenko, I. G.; Green, M.J.B.; Luxmoore, R.A.; Carey-Noble, C.L.; Kaitala, S. (Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Russian Federation, 1996)
    This report compiles information on proposed protected areas and an analysis of gaps in the network of existing and proposed protected areas using Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques.
  • Gap Analysis in Support of CPAN: The Russian Arctic 

    Lysenko, Igor; Henry, David (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2000)
    The present Gap Analysis for the Russian Arctic was undertaken in response to the CPAN Strategy and Action Plan requirement for countries to identify gaps in protected area coverage of ecosystems and species and to select ...
  • Circumpolar Protected Areas Network (CPAN) - Strategy and Action Plan 

    Ministry of Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation (MINPRIRODI); Royal Norwegian Ministry of the Environment (Directorate for Nature Management (DN), 1996)
    This document will faciliatate the implementation of initiatives under the Circumpolar Portected Areas Network (CPAN) to establish an adequate and well managed network of protected areas that have a high probability of ...