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    • Summary report, SAO Plenary meeting, Juneau, Alaska, March 2017 

      Arctic Council Secretariat (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017)
      Summary report from plenary session at SAO meeting in Juneau, 8-9 March, 2017.
    • Sustainable Development Working Group 2017-2019 Work Plan 

      Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017-02-15)
      The Projects identified in this work plan consist of both projects that have already been endorsed by the SDWG and projects that are under development for future SDWG review and possible endorsement. Additional project ...
    • Telecommunications infrastructure in the Arctic: a circumpolar assessment 

      Task Force on Telecommunications Infrastructure in the Arctic (TFTIA) (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017-02-07)
      This report presents the Task Force's investigation and analysis, including maps showing the extent of telecommunications coverage in each of the eight Arctic Sates. The report also provides an overview of each State's ...
    • Traditional Knowledge; Progress Report 

      Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017-02)
      The Arctic Council Recognizes the importance of Traditional Knowledge (TK) and there is a growing appreciation for utilizing TK, Local Knowledge and science through a collaborative approach. This progress report provides ...