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    • Arctic Cooperation in Education 

      Finnish Chairmanship (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017)
      The Arctic states have recognized the need for international cooperation in education and research as an indispensable element of sustainable development in the region. It is essential that education takes into consideration ...
    • Exploring Common solutions - Finland's Chairmanship Program for the Arctic Council 2017-2019 

      Finnish Chairmanship (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017-02-24)
      Finland intends to prioritize Environmental Protection, Connectivity, Meteorological Cooperation, and Education during the upcoming Chairmanship period.
    • The Work of the Arctic Council on Pollution Prevention 

      Finnish Chairmanship (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017)
      In accordance with the Arctic States’ commitment to protect the Arctic environment, the Arctic Council Working Groups carry out a multitude of activities. These include assessments and recommendations on environmental ...