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    • The Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. CAFF Monitoring Series Report No. 7. (FINAL DRAFT FOR CAFF BOARD REVIEW). 

      Christensen, T.; Payne, J.; Doyle, M.; Ibarguchi, G.; Taylor, J.; Schmidt, N.M.; Gill, M.; Svoboda, M.; Aronsson, M.; Behe, C.; Buddle, C.; Cuyler, C.; Fosaa, A.M.; Fox, A.D.; Heiðmarsson, S.; Henning Krogh, P.; Madsen, J.; MacLennan, D.; Nymand, J.; Rosa, C.; Salmela, J.; Shuchman, R.; Soloviev, R.; Wedege, M. (CAFF International Secretariat, 2013)
      Final draft for CAFF board review of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring Plan / CAFF Monitoring Series Report No. 7. Presented at the Arctic Council's Senior Arctic Officials meeting in Whitehorse, Canada, October ...
    • Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program Strategic Plan, 2013-2017: Phase II Implmentation of the CBMP. CAFF Monitoring Series Report Nr. 8. 

      Barry, T.; Christensen, T.; Payne, J.; Gill, M. (CAFF International Secretariat, 2013)
      As the Arctic continues to experience a period of intense and accelerating change, with climate change at the forefront, it has become increasingly important to effectively and sustainably manage Arctic ecosystems. The ...
    • Circumpolar Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. Background paper. 

      Vongraven, D.; Arneberg, P.; Bysveen, I.; Crane, K.; Denisenko, N.V.; Gill, M.; Gofman, V.; Grant-Friedman, A.; Gudmundsson, G.; Hindrum, R.; Hopcroft, R.; Iken, K.; Labansen, A.; Liubina, O.S.; Moore, S.E.; Melnikov, I.A.; Reist, J.D.; Stow, J.; Tchernova, J.; Ugarte, F.; Watkins, J. (CAFF International Secretariat, 2009-12)
      "The Arctic hosts unique assemblages of organisms. The size and nature of Arctic ecosystems make them of critical importance to the biological, chemical and physical balance of the globe. Dramatic climate-related changes ...