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      Gill, M.J.; Crane, K.; Hindrum, R.; Arneberg, P.; Bysveen, I.; Denisenko, N.V.; Gofman, V.; Grant-Friedman, A.; Gudmundsson, G.; Hopcroft, R.R.; Iken, K.; Labansen, A.; Liubina, O.S.; Melnikov, I.A.; Moore, S.E.; Reist, J.D.; Sirenko, B.I.; Stow, J.; Ugarte, F.; Vongraven, D.; Watkins, J. (CAFF International Secretariat, 2011)
      "The Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan (CBMP-Marine Plan) is the first of the CBMP’s four pan-Arctic biodiversity monitoring plans. The overall goal of the CBMP-Marine Plan is to improve our ability to detect and ...
    • Bering Sea Sub-Network Annual Report 2008 (Aleut International Association), CAFF Technical report No.17. 

      Gofman, V.; Friedman, A.; Walton, J. (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), 2008)
      The Bering Sea Sub-Network: International Community-Based Environmental Observation Alliance for the Arctic Observing Network, known as BSSN, is a 2008-09 International Polar Year project implemented by the Aleut International ...
    • Circumpolar Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. Background paper. 

      Vongraven, D.; Arneberg, P.; Bysveen, I.; Crane, K.; Denisenko, N.V.; Gill, M.; Gofman, V.; Grant-Friedman, A.; Gudmundsson, G.; Hindrum, R.; Hopcroft, R.; Iken, K.; Labansen, A.; Liubina, O.S.; Moore, S.E.; Melnikov, I.A.; Reist, J.D.; Stow, J.; Tchernova, J.; Ugarte, F.; Watkins, J. (CAFF International Secretariat, 2009-12)
      "The Arctic hosts unique assemblages of organisms. The size and nature of Arctic ecosystems make them of critical importance to the biological, chemical and physical balance of the globe. Dramatic climate-related changes ...