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    • The Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. CAFF Monitoring Series Report No. 7. (FINAL DRAFT FOR CAFF BOARD REVIEW). 

      Christensen, T.; Payne, J.; Doyle, M.; Ibarguchi, G.; Taylor, J.; Schmidt, N.M.; Gill, M.; Svoboda, M.; Aronsson, M.; Behe, C.; Buddle, C.; Cuyler, C.; Fosaa, A.M.; Fox, A.D.; Heiðmarsson, S.; Henning Krogh, P.; Madsen, J.; MacLennan, D.; Nymand, J.; Rosa, C.; Salmela, J.; Shuchman, R.; Soloviev, R.; Wedege, M. (CAFF International Secretariat, 2013)
      Final draft for CAFF board review of the Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring Plan / CAFF Monitoring Series Report No. 7. Presented at the Arctic Council's Senior Arctic Officials meeting in Whitehorse, Canada, October ...