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    • SAO Marine Mechanism Webinar Series: Summary of Proceedings 

      Arctic Councilv (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2021-02)
      The SAO based Marine Mechanism (SMM) was held in the form of a webinar series from 29 September until 29 October 2020.
    • SDWG Progress Report 

      SDWG (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2020-11)
      Progress Report to SAOs
    • SDWG’s Analysis and Advice for SAOs: Arctic Council COVID-19 Work 

      SDWG (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2020-11)
      This document brings together advice and ideas provided by members of the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), Arctic Human Health Expert Group (AHHEG) and Social, Economic, and Cultural Expert Group (SECEG) ...
    • Youth Engagement in the Arctic Council: Background Paper 

      Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2020-11)
      This paper presents the forms of youth engagement in international fora and organizations, showcases youth networks and initiatives in the Arctic context, gathers definitions of ‘youth’ and mechanisms of youth representation. ...