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    • EALÁT. Reindeer Herders' Voice: Reindeer Herding, Traditional Knowledge and Adaptation to Climate Change and Loss of Grazing Land 

      Oskal, Anders; Turi, Johan Mathis; Mathiesen, Svein D.; Burgess, Philip (Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group, 2009)
      This book is a two years middle term report from a Norwegian information project in the Arctic Council entitled EALÁT. The project is endorsed by the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) of the Arctic Council, with ...
    • EALLU Abridged Edition 2018 

      Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2018)
      This is a book about the fabulous abundance and diversity of food in the Arctic. While many think of the Arctic as a place of climatic extremes and scarcity, in fact the Arctic hosts an extraordinary food culture, built ...
    • Youth. The Future of Reindeer Herding Peoples. Executive Summary. 

      Pogodaev, Mikhail; Oskal, Anders; Avelova, Svetlana; Bergkvist, Piere; Burgess, Philip; Degteva, Anna; Biret, Ravdna; Eira, Maria; Gaup Eira, Inger Marie; Ol Johan, Gaup; Gerasimova, Alena; Gu, Yunting; Krarup Hansen, Kia; Kemi, Mikkel Anders; Kolesov, Igor; Magga, Anne-Maria; Mathisen, Svein Disch; Omma, Helena; Partapuoli, Jonas; Parfenov, Vadim; Sara, Elna; Serotetto, Nechei; Slepuskin, Igor; Silviken, Anne; Stoor, Petter; Tibichi, Ksenia; Turi, Johan Daniel; Turi, Ellen Inga; Turi, Issat; Turi, Johan Mathis; Walkeapää, Elena (Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), 2015)
      This report is a summary of one of the deliverables to the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group project ‘EALLIN – The Voice of Reindeer Herding Youth 2012-2014’. The main goal of the project was to maintain ...