Recent Submissions

  • Presentations on ocean acidification from COP25 

    Unknown author (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2019-12)
    Presentations from the ocean acidification session at UNFCCC COP25, 9 December 2019. 1. Key findings of the AMAP Arctic Ocean Acidification report - Richard Bellerby, Lead: AMAP Arctic Ocean Assessment 2. The impacts ...
  • Quick Guide to the AC 

    Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2019-10-03)
  • Arctic Council Communications Strategy 2018 

    Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2018-10)
    This new communications strategy for the Arctic Council replaces the updated strategy document approved in 2016. This strategy seeks to deploy the full range of Council resources to take on these new communications challenges.
  • Arctic Council Digital Resources 

    Arctic Council Secretariat (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2018-08)
    The Arctic Council has a wealth of online information and documents available. This simple brochure is intended to help you easily find the most commonly asked-for resources. This document was updated last in September 2018.
  • The Arctic Council: A backgrounder 

    Arctic Council Secretariat (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017-09-25)
    A brief 2-page background document about the Arctic Council, what it is, who the members are, and what the Council does.
  • Chronological list of Arctic Council meetings 

    Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017)
    Reference document which can be used as a guide to navigate the the Arctic Council archive of Senior Arctic Officials' and Ministerial meeting documents. The document also lists the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy ...
  • Arctic Council Diagram 

    Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2017-03)
    A diagram of the members and structure of the Arctic Council. Available to use for free as an illustration image in articles, etc.
  • Arctic Council Communications Strategy 

    Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016-10)
    This new communications strategy for the Arctic Council replaces the original strategy document approved in 2012. This strategy seeks to deploy the full range of Council resources to take on these new communications ...
  • Arctic Council Acronym List 

    Arctic Council Secretariat (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016)
    A document listing common acronyms, abbreviations and terms used in Arctic Council documents. The list also includes National Agencies, External Bodies, and International Organizations/Conventions frequently mentioned. The ...
  • 20th Anniversary Declaration - The Arctic Council: A Forum for Peace and Cooperation 

    Arctic Council (2016-09-19)
    On September 19, 1996 in Ottawa, the Arctic Council was established as a high level intergovernmental forum to enhance cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States with the active involvement of Arctic ...
  • Arctic Council Communications and Outreach Guidelines 

    Arctic Council (Arctic Council Secretariat, 2016)
    These Guidelines address the roles of the Arctic Council Chairmanship, Member States, Permanent Participants, Subsidiary Bodies and the Arctic Council Secretariat when communicating on the Arctic Council. They were approved ...
  • Arctic Council Secretariat Communications Implementation Plan 

    Arctic Council (2014-03)
    This document exists as a plan of the concrete actions that the Arctic Council Secretariat, in cooperation with the Chairmanship and other Arctic Council actors, proposes to carry out its role in the implementation of the ...
  • 2012-2016 Communication Strategy for the Arctic Council 

    Arctic Council (2012-05-15)
    This strategy was approved at the Stockholm Deputy Ministers' Meeting 15 May 2012. A new strategy replacing this original strategy was approved during the Portland SAO meeting in October 2016. The communication strategy ...