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    • Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat Procedural Guidelines 

      Arctic Council (2015)
      In accordance with Article 8 of the “Declaration on the Establishment of the Arctic Council”, Rule 33 of the “Arctic Council Rules of Procedure” and the “Terms of Reference of the Arctic Council Secretariat”, the Board of ...
    • Arctic Council Secretariat Financial Rules 

      Arctic Council (2021)
      The following Financial Rules govern the financial administration of the Secretariat. The Financial Rules were revised in May 2021.
    • Arctic Council Secretariat Terms of Reference 

      Arctic Council (2012)
      In order to strengthen the capacity of the Arctic Council it was decided at the 2011 Ministerial meeting in Nuuk to establish a standing Arctic Council Secretariat (hereafter referred to as the Secretariat). The Secretariat ...
    • Roles and responsibilities of the Arctic Council Secretariat Director 

      Arctic Council (2012)
      The Director’s roles and responsibilities are subject to the Arctic Council Rules of Procedure; Terms of Reference, Staff rules and Financial rules of the Arctic Council Secretariat; the biennial work plan of the Secretariat; ...