Discussion Paper for SAO Consideration, Treatment of Potential Working Group Deliverables.

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Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP)
"At the recent ACAP Working Group (ACAP WG) meeting in Tromsø, one of the Expert Groups (EG) reported that they had completed two projects listed in the ACAP work plan 2015-2017. The EG informed ACAP that as the results were time sensitive and included practical recommendations, that they would publish the results in peer reviewed journals rather than bring them to ACAP for approval for onward submission to SAOs for Ministerial delivery. ACAP discussed whether this was appropriate treatment of work that is included in the ACAP work plan – the information will not be reported back to SAOs in another format, nor bear the ACAP or AC logo. The rationale for the decision to publish in peer reviewed journals was the EG did not want to see the work shelved until 2017 if approved by SAOs under an embargo for Ministerial deliverables. The ACAP WG agreed to seek further guidance from the SAOs on this matter. SAO Chair, David Balton, was present at the ACAP meeting for this discussion and agreed that it would be good to have a principled discussion at the SAO level on matters of this kind." /.../