International Circumpolar Surveillance (ICS): Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases

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Parkinson, Alan
Cottle, Tammy
SDWG , International Circumpolar Surveillance , Human health
Human health is a critical component of any sustainable development program. Sustainable economic development is frequently accompanied by changes in a number of factors, which impact human health and promote the emergence of infectious disease problems. With increased air travel and international trade Arctic communities are no longer isolated from infectious disease threats. Circumpolar surveillance of infectious diseases may serve as an early warning system of emerging threats and provide increased capacity to monitor the effectiveness of public health control measures. The purpose of this project is to establish an integrated International Circumpolar Surveillance (ICS) system for infectious diseases by creating a network of hospital and public health laboratories throughout the Arctic. The network would allow collection and sharing of uniform laboratory and epidemiologic data between Arctic countries that will describe the prevalence of infectious diseases of concern to Arctic residents and assist in the formulation of prevention and control strategies.