The Economy of the North.

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Solveig Glomsrød
Julie Aslaksen
The objective of The Economy of the North is to present a comprehensive overview of the economy of the circumpolar Arctic, including the traditional production activities of the indigenous people. The report discusses the importance of the Arctic economy from a global perspective, with particular focus on the natural resources in the Arctic region. Finally, likely effects of climate change on the Arctic economy are discussed. The Economy of the North has been produced as part of the ECONOR project, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The report is the result of contributions from a network of researchers from national statistical offices and academic institutions located across the Arctic nations. Statistics Norway has hosted the editorial group that compiled and edited the contributions from the project network. Statistics Norway would like to thank all the individual contributors and institutions who have provided data, analysis, texts, illustrations, and scientific advice for The Economy of the North. The present report is indeed a pilot report from a pioneer project, having encountered various challenges of statistical and conceptual nature. It is our hope that the present overview of the Arctic economy will inspire work to further strengthen the information basis from where to assess the sustainability of the Arctic communities in terms of natural wealth management and environmental challenges. The Economy of the North was edited by Solveig Glomsrød (chief editor), Iulie Aslaksen, Mads Greaker and Bjart Holtsmark of the Research Department of Statistics Norway. Marit Vågdal did the technical editing, and Siri Boquist was the photo editor. More information is available at"