RADSAR report: Sharing of competence within search and rescue ina maritime radiological/nuclear scenario

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The RADSAR project, “Sharing of competence within search and rescue in a maritime radiological/nuclear scenario”, was an EPPR cross-cutting radiation and SAR project under the EPPR ARCSAFE project umbrella, initiated and led by Norway and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project was approved by EPPR in June 2018. In RADSAR, all the Arctic States shared their expertise and experiences within SAR operations in a radiological or nuclear event at sea. The main goal of the project was to identify possible challenges and further improve national and international emergency preparedness and response related to SAR operations in a radiological hazardous environment in the Arctic. The project focused on international cooperation including notification, information exchange and situational awareness, resource needs and utilization, international assistance, protective measures, and possible harmonization of decisions.