Evaluation of Potential Impact of APG Flaring on Arctic Zone Environment

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APG , flaring , Evaluation , SLCP , black carbon , methane
This report summarizes results of Phase 1A of the ACAP project: “Mitigation of Short Lived Climate Pollutants from APG - flaring” The purpose of the Project is to address SLCPs (primarily Black Carbon, Methane and non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions associated with APG flaring impacting the Arctic Zone environment. The Project is being implemented in a number of phases. This report presents the results of a comprehensive analysis (period 2010-2016) and projections (till 2025) of APG production and reduction of SLCP emissions from APG flaring in the Russian Arctic zone (RAZ) in different production and utilization scenarios. Gas programs of Novoportovskoye oil field (GPN) and of Salym-Shapsha group of oil fields (BG) are highlighted in the Report, an assessment of related environmental impacts from the assets of Novoportovskoye (GPN) and Salym-Shapsha group (BG) of oil fields is presented. Traditional and local knowledge (TLK) was analysed and taken into account within the Project work. Discrepancies in approaches for estimation of emissions of SLCP were identified and recommendations for improving SLCP emissions estimates were prepared.