Nordic Council of Ministers Arctic Co-operation Programme 2012-2014.

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Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM)
Nordic Council of Ministers
"The challenges faced by and in the Arctic have increased significantly and have become more visible over the years. Greater knowledge has been accumulated about the impact of globalisation and climate change, as well as of the opportunities they bring for the Arctic region, the local communities, the people of the region, the environment and nature. The Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co- operation Programme was first published in 1996, and it has grown in importance and scope over the years. Its priorities cover a wide range of projects and initiatives of various kinds. Evaluations of the programme have added valuable knowledge about the main challenges facing the Arctic societies in relation to sustainable development. This update to the programme is based on the lessons learned from these activities and initiatives, on the Nordic countries' Arctic strategies and on other topical political and economic trends in the Arctic1. The Arctic Co-operation programme complements other Nordic Council of Ministers' programmes, strategies2 and initiatives that cover issues relevant to the Arctic." /.../