Proposal for a Comparative Review of Circumpolar Nutritional Guidelines [CircNuGuide].

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SDWG Arctic Human Health Expert Group (AHHEG)
"Nutrition is a major determinant of health and different national health authorities, professional organizations, and special interest groups have produced and promoted nutritional and dietary guidelines for consumers to adopt, in the hope of achieving good health or the avoidance of specific diseases. Although the scientific evidence upon which such guidelines are based is presumably universal, guidelines can be very different in their overall emphasis and may even be conflicting in terms of specific recommendations. The importance of nutrition to the health of circumpolar populations is well documented. Health agencies in circumpolar regions all consider improving the nutritional status of the population a high priority. Given the similarity of geography, climate, and human physiology among circumpolar countries and regions, a comparative review of the different existing nutritional guidelines that are in force and understanding the underlying rationale for differences among them would be instructive for planners of nutritional programs and health care providers. Indigenous people partly living off the land are a group of special concern. To the extent that specific guidelines exist for this population they are taken into consideration." /.../