PROPOSAL: The Evidence-Base for Promoting Mental Wellness and Resilience to Address Suicide in Circumpolar Communities.

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
"The objective of this initiative is to assess the outcomes of current and past research, programs and/or activities undertaken in circumpolar communities which promote resilience and well-being. This initiative will bring communities, researchers and policymakers together throughout the length of the project to ensure common understanding and potential application of evidence leading to positive mental health outcomes. Evidence will be shared with Arctic Council Member States and Indigenous circumpolar communities regarding the type, effectiveness, scalability and cultural appropriateness of interventions in the following areas:  Fostering child and youth resilience to protect mental health;  Enhancing protective factors for children, youth and their families including social, cultural, economic, and environmental factors; and  Reducing risk factors known to impact mental well-being across the life course. Under the auspices of the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG), the project leads will coordinate a research program on interventions for mental health promotion. The goal is to build on existing and established projects with communities and researchers in the field to identify and share best practices in promoting resilience and well-being as a means of preventing suicide in later years, with a particular focus on children and youth (aged 0-25). It is expected that through this initiative, research will take place in multiple regions across the circumpolar world and that the evidence resulting from this international effort will be relevant to Arctic Council Member States and Indigenous circumpolar communities." /.../