SDI Principles implemented in the Barents Euro Arctic Region - the obvious basis for building an Arctic SDI -.

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Palmér, Owe
"In August 2007 the First International Circumpolar Conference on Geospatial Sciences and Applications / IPY GeoNorth held in Yellowknife, Canada, presented the idea of creating Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI), which would make it possible to share geospatial data in support of sustainable development of Arctic communities, regions and nations. The Yellowknife Conference participants agreed that the proposed ASDI would provide a unique and effective infrastructure for the sharing of geospatial data, information, knowledge and best practices between all stakeholders in the Arctic region. Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia have had a joint project “GIT Barents” (Geographic Information Technology within the Barents Region), which has been going on since 1994 and finalised in April 2008 with the EC funding. This project was presented at the above mentioned conference under the title SDI Principles implemented in the Barents Euro Arctic Region. The project has produced homogenous & uniform geographic information within the Barents region. In addition to that, this project also developed and implemented internet-based technology for effective access and distribution of geographic information within the region – the Barents SDI." /.../