The multilateral audit of the Arctic Council of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Denmark, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the US. Discussion paper for SAO-meeting, Washington 16 and 17 June 2015.

"The joint memorandum of the multilateral audit on the artic states’ national authorities’ work with the Arctic Council was published 5 May 2015. To follow up this work, a discussion of the report is put on the agenda for the June SAO-meeting Under agenda item 9. Other Business, Norway’s Senior Arctic Official, Else Berit Eikeland, will give an overview over the findings from the multilateral audit. The key findings from the joint memorandum include the following: Changes in the Arctic have elevated the importance of international cooperation in the Arctic. The Arctic Council has contributed to enhanced cooperation, governance and scientific knowledge. The Council faces challenges related to organizational structure, establishing priorities, funding its work and ensuring effective implementation of voluntary recommendations adopted by the member states. PPs make important contributions to the Council, but face challenges participating." /.../