Arctic Resilience Assessment Synthesis for Arctic Leaders 2017

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Stockholm Environment Institute
Stockholm Resilience Centre
This Synthesis for Arctic Leaders integrates key findings of the scientific assessment, the Arctic Resilience Report. It identifies critical policy-relevant insights, and points to activities already underway that have demonstrated potential for building resilience. The Synthesis is aimed at policymakers and other leaders who are concerned with strengthening people’s capacity to effectively navigate rapid, substantial, and potentially disruptive changes in the Arctic, and to harness change that supports the well-being of northern peoples. It is aimed at the Arctic Council, in its role in identifying common goals and coordinating efforts across the Arctic. It is aimed at national and regional leaders, in their role as stewards of the Arctic and of their citizens’ well-being and initiators of wide-ranging actions. It is aimed at local leaders, whose active engagement is so central to building resilience.