Arctic Council Member States and Permanent Participants. Memorandum of Understanding Discussion Points. DRAFT.

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Indigenous Peoples Secretariat
"The Arctic Council operates now in a political environment rather different from that when it was established in 1996. It is in light of these changes, in part, that the Permanent Participants seek a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the eight Arctic Council members dealing in particular with the Indigenous Peoples Secretariat (IPS). It is worthwhile stressing that the Permanent Participants are independent legal and political organizations and that under our collective direction IPS performs helpful administrative and coordinative support functions for us all. Interest in the circumpolar Arctic and the Arctic Council by non‐Arctic states, transnational corporations and non‐governmental organizations (NGOs) has grown considerably in the last few years, largely as the result of the actual and projected impacts and effects in the region of climate change. This widespread interest is well exemplified by resolution SS.X/2, Sustainable Development of the Arctic Region, adopted by UNEP’s Governing Council in February 2008, and the European Commission’s November 2008 Arctic Communication. That additional non‐Arctic states and NGOs seek observer status to the Arctic Council is further evidence of this trend." /.../