Arctic Council Working Group Project Cost Estimates Draft Overview / Summary

In response to earlier requests by SAOs, the Secretariat has been working with all six Working Groups to develop a “project costing tool” with which Working Groups can provide SAOs a rough estimate of the costs associated with their project work. These estimates do not cover other types of workstreams such as programs. Prior to the Yellowknife SAO meeting in March 2014, and in close consultation with the Working Groups, a “consensus form” was developed which all Working Groups agreed to use to submit estimates of their project costs. The Working Groups also requested that a disclaimer – found below - be attached to these estimates. Most (though not all) submissions have been collected from the Working Groups as of January 2014. This summary report is presented for consideration at the March 2015 SAO meeting, with a view to including it as part of the SAOs’ Report to Ministers at the 2015 Ministerial Meeting.