International Science and Policy Conference: Ecosystem Approach to Management: Conference Summary: 25-27 June 2019, Bergen, Norway

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The conference was attended by 54 participants from 9 countries (Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russian, and USA), including several international organizations (AMAP, PAME, ICES, WWF). We were fortunate to have strong representation of participants from indigenous communities and organizations in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Norway (Sápmi) (14 in total). The list of participants is included as Annex 2. The program was structured with five sessions, bracketed by an introductory session on the first day and a concluding session by the end of the meeting on the third day: Session 1: Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Session 2: MPAs and other special areas Session 3: Voices from the North – a conversation about people, nature, and sustainability Session 4: National EA implementation Session 5: Central Arctic Ocean