Circumarctic Environmental Observatories Network. CEON. Background document for the meeting of the Senior Arctic Officials of the Arctic Council, Selfoss, Iceland, May 4-5, 2004.

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Circumarctic Environmental Obsevatories Network (CEON)
"Purpose of this Document: The co-chairs of the CEON interim Steering committee wish for the Senior Arctic Officials (SAO) to be formally aware of the continuing developments within CEON since this effort relates to many ongoing Arctic Council (AC) activities such as ACIA, AMAP, CAFF and SDWG. We request the advice of the SAO regarding how the further development of CEON might be strengthened and possibly aligned with the activities and undertakings of the AC. CEON’s Mission: CEON’s mission is to strengthen the capacity for monitoring the environment of high northern latitudes by making data available that is adequate and suitable for answering key questions relating to science, policy and management issues." /.../