Progress report to SAO meeting in Narvik – Best Practices in Ecosystem-Based Ocean Management in the Arctic (BePOMAr).

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Norwegian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
"The aggregate effects of multiple uses of the oceans – fishing, transportation, petroleum development, waste disposal, etc. – call for an ecosystems-based approach to oceans management in order to ensure sustainable development and protection of the Arctic marine environment. The objective of the project is to present the concepts and practices the Arctic countries have developed for the application of an ecosystem-based approach to oceans management. By way of reviewing how countries actually put to use such concepts and practices, lessons can be drawn on how to effectively do ecosystems-based oceans management. The project will build upon existing Arctic Council work, adopted strategies and programs, including the work of the LME expert group and relevant PAME, SDWG and CAFF projects." /.../