Letter from the SAO Chair on the Second Northern Dimension Action Plan

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Pálsson, Gunnar
"With reference to my letter of 6 October 2003 concerning our discussion at the next SAO meeting on the Second Northern Dimension Action Plan, I am submitting two proposals as to how we follow up on the Action Plan with the European Commission. Firstly, I propose that we identify Arctic Council projects we wish to cooperate on with the European Commission on the basis of the new Action Plan. If you agree, the Secretariat could present a first draft to SAOs and Permanent Participants shortly after the SAO meeting later this month. Secondly, I propose a one-day workshop with the European Commission in Brussels next spring, focusing on concrete projects of cooperation between the Arctic Council and the European Commission. Most of the work related to identifying projects for co-operation would have been carried out before the workshop. We would not wish to present all aspects of Arctic Council work at the workshop, but concentrate on a limited number of projects having the greatest co-operation potential. I hope we can agree to proceed on this basis and look forward to learning of your response next week. Yours sincerely, Gunnar Pálsson Chairman of Senior Arctic Officials"