Overview of National Submissions under the Arctic Council Framework for Action on Enhanced Black Carbon and Methane Emissions Reductions.

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Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS)
At the 2015 Arctic Council (AC) Ministerial meeting in Iqaluit, Canada, Ministers committed to enhance actions to reduce black carbon and methane emissions at the national level and decided to implement the Framework for Action on Enhanced Black Carbon and Methane. A two-year iterative process was initiated starting on September 1st 2015. According to the Framework each Arctic State committed to share national reports and policies for actions to reduce emissions; measure our collective progress and jointly identify conclusions and recommendations. Arctic Council Observer States were also called upon to join in the actions described in the Framework. In support of the implementation of the Framework it was decided to establish an expert group. The deadline for the first round of national submissions and nominations to the expert group was September 1, 2015.