Arctic Council Task Force for Action on Black Carbon and Methane. 5th Meeting, Iqaluit, September 29-October 1, 2014. Summary report.

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Arctic Council Task Force for Action of Black Carbon and Methane (TFBCM)
The Task Force for Action on Black Carbon and Methane (TFBCM) met in Iqaluit from September 29 to October 1. The meeting was chaired by France Jacovella, (Canada), and Jon Kahn, (Sweden). Representatives from all Arctic States with the exception of Iceland attended the meeting. Two Permanent Participant (PPs) organizations (Saami Council, Arctic Athabaskan Council), and the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Progamme (AMAP) were present. Four observers were also in attendance: the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, the European Union and United Nations Environment Programme/Climate and Clean Air Coalition. The meeting was focused on the September 16th version of the Framework Document prepared by the co-chairs and included text-based discussions on all sections of the document. Key areas of debate in the text are now identified in square brackets and the final version will be subject to reaching consensus. Key issues discussed included the common vision, national reporting and arrangements for the implementation of the Framework from 2015 onwards. The following summarizes these discussion items.