SDWG report to the SAO meeting in Oulu 15-16 May 2002/ preparations for the 3rd Ministerial meeting.

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
"In the Barrow declaration the Ministers approved the continuation of work on the Future of Children and Youth, Arctic Telemedicine, Cultural and Eco-tourism, and Coastal Fisheries Management projects. The Ministers further welcomed and approved new proposals to conduct a Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic, to develop an International Circumpolar Surveillance System for Infectious Diseases, to initiate projects on sustainable reindeer husbandry and sustainable development in northern timberline forests. Finally the Ministers welcomed Canada's offer to host a workshop on capacity building to explore ways to implement a capacity building focus to the work and activities of the Council. The SDWG has had three meetings during the Finnish chairmanship period 2000-2002. The first meeting was held in Rovaniemi, Finland on 5th-6th April 2001, the second meeting was held in Espoo, Finland on 5th November 2001 and the third meeting in Oulu, Finland on 14th May 2002. Progress on all the above mentioned projects have been reported at these meetings. A summary of the progress made in each project during the last two years is found below." /.../