Draft SDWG Energy Report to Ministers November 2008.

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
This report is not intended as a comprehensive assessment of Arctic energy resources, nor of the impacts of Arctic energy development on the natural and human environments in the circumpolar region. Rather, it is intended as an overview report on the Council’s cooperation in the field of Arctic energy so as to allow Arctic Council Ministers to take stock of past activities and to make some strategic decisions about future cooperative activities. In this sense, the report is on an overview of the broad subject of cooperation on Arctic energy issues. Based on the mandate given by Ministers, the SDWG, [in consultation with other working groups and stakeholders,] has prepared this report to:  Identify some emerging Arctic energy issues  Reference completed Arctic Council projects and activities relating to energy  Provide some background information on energy sectors in an Arctic context  Identify some possible areas for cooperation in the field of Arctic energy. Throughout, reference is made to numerous other reports and assessments prepared by other working groups of the Arctic Council. The reader is encouraged to refer to these documents for detailed examination of issues that can only be dealt with in cursory fashion in this report.