Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (AACA) Section C: AMAP proposed Work Plan for completion by 2017.

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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
"This paper describes how the AMAP Working Group will fulfill the mandate given by the Deputy Ministers to complete responsibilities related to Sections C of the AACA, while contributing to an inventory of all previous AMAP work and related recommendations in support of section A, coordinated by SDWG. In response to AACA Part C, AMAP (in collaboration with other scientific and stakeholder organizations) will put together an inventory of existing frameworks, scenarios and models that can improve: 1) climate change predictions; and 2) integrated predictions of climate change together with other relevant drivers of Arctic change. In addition, AMAP will produce an inventory of specific Arctic change information along with a scientific analysis of this information that identifies, describes and predicts natural and human- induced climate change and other changes in the Arctic. These changes may occur in response to interactions among some of the most significant drivers/stressors on Arctic ecosystems and societies. A summary report presenting the main results of an integrated analysis of the combined effects of various stressors on selected Arctic ecosystems, societies and human populations will be prepared for the Arctic Ministerial meeting in spring 2017. Additional reports and other related deliverables regarding key steps and milestones throughout the late 2013 to 2017 timeline will also be included in the final work plan (described in Part III, below; available in early 2013). Together, these reports when completed will fulfill the AMAP requirements for Part C of the AACA." /.../