AOR Expert Workshop and process and timeline of the Arctic Ocean Review (AOR) Phase I Project.

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Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME)
"The AOR Expert Workshop was convened in Washington D.C. 13-14 September (back-to-back with the PAME II-2010 meeting 14-16 September) in support of the development of the AOR Phase I Report which will be submitted to the 2011 Arctic Council Ministerial meeting along with other PAME documents. The AOR Expert Workshop was based on the draft AOR Phase I Report, version 13 August. Below is a summary of comments received from participants without prejudging inclusion or exclusion. These are presented here for information purposes with the reservation that all comments will be evaluated and assessed by the AOR leads in revising the draft AOR Phase I Report from the perspective of the agreed overall scope of the AOR Project and, in particular the scope of the AOR Phase I."