Chairs conclusions from the Arctic Environment Ministers meeting Arctic Change – Global Effects. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, 5-6 February, 2013.

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Ministry of the Environment Sweden
"Arctic Environment Ministers and high level representatives met in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, 5-6 February, for a meeting focused on actions to address the rapid environmental changes in the Arctic and how to improve the protection of the Arctic environment through actions at the national, regional and global level, including through the Arctic Council and multilateral environmental conventions. The Arctic region is changing rapidly, in ways that could dramatically affect ecosystems and human communities. Climate change is a major concern and causes fundamental changes in the Arctic, with cascading effects on biodiversity, ecosystems and human living conditions in the Arctic with repercussions around the world. Rapid economic development and social trans- formation can also have significant impacts. Ministers acknowledged that it is crucial to advance work on assessing Arctic change and improving resilience and to adequately prepare for change in order to minimize negative effects on the environment and on human well- being, including traditional lifestyles. They stressed the results from the Arctic Environment Ministers meeting in Ilulissat in 2010 focusing on the Arctic Marine environment and highlighted particularly the importance of careful stewardship and a precautionary approach to resource use and shipping in the Arctic. In this regard they welcomed the progress in the Arctic Council towards improved emergency prevention, preparedness and response, and underlined the need for strengthened preventive measures." /.../