AMAP contribution to the preparation of a Rio+10 document.

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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
"The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) is mandated “to provide reliable and sufficient information on the status of, and threats to, the Arctic environment, and to provide scientific advice on actions to be taken” in order to support Arctic governments in their efforts to take remedial and preventive actions related to contaminants. In 1997, AMAP produced its first State of the Arctic Environment Report (SOAER), which was considered by Ministers at the Third AEPS Ministerial Conference in Alta, Norway. Further update information on Pollution Issues of Concern was reported by AMAP to the Second Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Barrow, 2000. Some of the main findings that have been reported by AMAP, and the associated Ministerial response to these findings, are summarised below. A new SOAER is currently being prepared by AMAP and will be delivered to the Arctic Council Ministers at their meeting in October 2002. New information that is appearing in the current AMAP assessments, and which will be highlighted in the AMAP 2002 SOAER, is also mentioned below." /.../