MOSPA Table-Top Exercise 2018 Participant Manual

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Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR)
The 2018 Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (MOSPA) Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is sponsored by the Arctic Council’s Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (EPPR) Working Group and is led by the MER EG in partnership with the Arctic Council Chair as well as cooperating member states of the EPPR. The 2018 EPPR MOSPA TTX Participant Manual provides exercise participants with the necessary information outlining their roles in the TTX. The TTX is specifically directed at improving collaboration between the states and other Arctic Council members while enhancing marine oil spill preparedness in the Arctic. This collaborative partnership provides maritime agencies a means to discuss their communication and coordination process in the event of a marine oil and/or hazardous material incident that might impact the marine environments of the EPPR member states.